Takkun is a stray kitten that Mamimi adopts in episode 2.


He is one of many pets of Mamimi's to share this name, though he is around for the longest. He is 4 months old at he time she adopts him. Since Mamimi is not allowed to have pets at her house, she keeps and plays with Takkun by the riverbank. However, he still follows her constantly, including to the Nandaba house. He favors playing with Canti while there and jumps towards him often. He goes with her just about everywhere, but in episode 6, he is shown to have left Mamimi in favor of a white female kitten for a mate.


Takkun is a small black cat with cartoon-ish proportions. He lacks much detail, his legs ending in points without feet and mouth being nonexistent. His only distinguishing feature is his large round eyes, which have small black dots for pupils with no irises. When he is jumping at something or trying to be expressive, his legs are represented by cartoon-ish lines conveying incredibly fast motion