Naota's grandfather, a retired baker and the current manager of Tasuku's former baseball team. He doesn't like Mamimi.


Shigekuni Nandaba (ナンダバ・シゲクニ, Nandaba Shigekuni) is Naota's grandfather. He owns the family bakery and coaches the local baseball team, the Mabase Martians. He has a grudge against Mamimi because he didn't approve of her relationship with Tasuku. Shigekuni values baseball more than anything in the world — he is disappointed in his own son and younger grandson because they are lousy baseball players. He does not defend Naota as the other players mock him, because he holds too much pride for Tasuku. He enjoys taking advantage of Canti as much as Kamon does. He has an affinity for pornography: in the first episode, he mistakes "furi kuri" with "kuri kuri," a sound effect often used in hentai during any twisting motion, often breasts or nipples.