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The Medical Mechanica building in Mabase.

Medical Mechanica is a mysterious corporation that operates in large factories on various planets, the factories themselves looking like giant clothing irons. Who works there and who runs it is a mystery, as all the factories are heavily guarded by the planet's inhabitants, exemplified by mall cops in the case of the one in Mabase. The factories have no entrances or exits, only holes along the top where steam pours out at different times of the day.

What happens in these factories is anyone's guess. Apparently they make robots, as Canti is a Medical Mechanica robot and so are the many other robots he fights with in FLCL. Haruko's attempts to get Atomsk results in her pulling lots of Medical Mechanica robots out of Naota's head, as she turned his head into a dimensional portal she can pull things out of.

The 'Medical' part of the title was partially explained when Canti displayed his ability to take X-rays, but why most, if not all, of the robots are huge and violent is not clear nor explained. What is explained, however, is that Medical Mechanica eventually uses the 'iron' factories to iron out the surfaces of the planets they are put on, as Commander Amarao puts it, "Ironing out the wrinkles in your brain so you can't think." This may be a reference to the fact that "smooth brains" have lower surface area and are incapable of complex thought. Only innate feature of cognitive ability remain (Koalas for instance have "smooth brains" and are unable to eat eucalyptus leaves on a plate in front of them and can only eat when plucking the leaves directly from the tree). It could be that Medical Mechanica wants to eliminate free will to reduce the threats posed by sentient life forms. Commander Amarao implies that the government is in contact with Medical Mechanica which could indicate that Medical Mechanica only uses the irons in places that have proven to be erratic.

In FLCL Progressive, Haruko and Jinyu actually enter a Medical Mechanica facility to destroy the device Hidomi's headphones get power from. The facility is lacking in any kind of security this time, unlike Haruko's first time entering one. The interior is a white cylinder with light blue accents and has a spiral staircase recessed into the walls. These stairs surround a cyan column resembling a spine which connects to a silver robot's torso. The wall surrounding this robot is a hemisphere with pink-to-orange ombre designs resembling brain wrinkles.



  • Commander Amarao mentions in Full Swing that there is a connection between the government and Medical Mechanica, though later on he states that Medical Mechanica is just as bad as Haruko is and wants to destroy all thought across the galaxy.
  • In Brittle Bullet, Commander Amarao states that Medical Mechanica sites from different planets send robots simply to destroy Haruko and Atomsk through Naota's head, implying that Haruko really is a Space Patrol Officer, and a deadly one.
  • It is never explained how or why they captured Atomsk, though it may be assumed that he did not agree with their plans to iron out all thought and he tried to stop them.
  • Medical Mechanica buildings have no entrances or exits, which may imply that they use N.O. channels to transfer things in and out of the facilities.
  • In the anime series, Medical Mechanica could be considered the main antagonist.