Hinae Hibajiri is the mother of Hidomi Hibajiri and owner of the Cafe Hibari, their in-house cafe.

Profile Edit

Hinae Hibajiri, a dedicated mother to Hidomi, makes her daughter's meals and insists on a morning greeting, as well as other manners. Unlike Hidomi, she seems very cheerful, even whilst brandishing a knife or pondering about her absentee husband. She becomes a culinary teacher to Julia Jinyu after hiring her on as a maid and cafe staff.

Appearance Edit

Hinae is a short, youthful-looking woman with a messy, brown bob cut and slightly-darker brown eyes. She sports a bright, blueish-green, long-sleeved shirt under her cafe's apron. The apron is a full-length white apron with pastel-yellow straps and a matching duck between the orange words "Cafe HIBARI".