A special agent of the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration. He apparently has some past with Haruko and claims to know who or what she really is. Amarao's childhood also seems to mirror Naota's.


Commander Amarao works for the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration. This agency, among other things, acts as a middle man for negotiations between the government and Medical Mechanica. Thus, Haruko is a big problem for them as she is bent on provoking an attack by disrupting communications. It is a likely inference from the story that as a child he was approached by Haruko, just like Naota, and she tried using his N.O. to capture Atomsk. However, his N.O. channel is so weak that he can barely pull through something the size of a slingshot (actually a small guitar used as such).


Amarao first appears in the fourth episode of the series, giving viewers the impression that he is virtually an omniscient character, giving background information as well as making fairly accurate predictions. However, subsequent events would show him as extremely weak and very limited in foresight, though he seems to grasp what is happening better than almost all the other characters. He has a love for sickeningly sweet candy and drinks (which he claims will help people's brains back to normal), and hates spicy, sour, and pulpy foods — much like Naota.



Amarao without his eyebrows

Amarao wears fake eyebrows made of nori, which he believes serve the dual purpose of protecting him from N.O. and making him look macho. He has blue eyes and his hair is red, though his trip to the hair salon in Episode 5 suggests this may not be its natural color. He always wears a black suit and tie, often paired with a green trenchcoat and pair of sunglasses with yellow lenses.


Amarao's vehicle of choice is a Fuji Rabbit, a motor scooter which was initially produced in 1946, six months prior to the initial production of the Vespa. Given that throughout the series Amarao is constantly trying to impress Haruko, who rides a Vespa, one could conclude his ownership of a scooter is a further manifestation of his attempts to impress her — or at the very least a signal to the level at which Haruko influenced him in his youth.

Amarao also wields a pair of M1911 Colt pistols with a decent amount of skill, though the bullets cause little harm to superior beings like Haruko, Canti, or MM robots.


Naota - From their very first meeting, Amarao is constantly warning Naota about how dangerous Haruko is, and thus is trying to keep Naota from ending up like he did. Amarao knows many details about Naota's life, too, meaning that Amarao had been watching him closely for some time. Naota has a much stronger N.O. channel connection than Amarao does, so Haruko actually finds him more useful. This and some other signs suggest that Amarao feels jealous that Haruko has chosen Naota over him.

Haruko - Judging by the way Amarao acts around Haruko or while talking about her, he probably has some feelings for her. However, she is an alien, and a troublesome one at that, so those feelings are diluted by his anger towards her, what she did to him, and the trouble she causes. He always calls her Raharu, believing that is her real name. Haruko finds Amarao to be completely weak and pathetic, and doesn't fail to let him know.

Canti - Amarao never really interacts with the robot but is aware of his connection to Medical Mechanica. He even seems to know about Canti's link to Atomsk before Haruko does. For these reasons, Amarao considers Canti to be a threat to the Earth's safety and tries to deal with him before MM or Haruko can use him for their own reasons.

Kitsurubami - Amarao's attractive young subordiante is often seen either giving out vital mission data, or on the field in investigations with Amarao. He hits on her in the final episode, but she resists him. In fact, Kitsurubami seems to be generally disgusted by the idea of romantic involvement with Amarao (and likely any form of physical contact) though she looks up to him as a superior and follows his orders loyally.

Atomsk - Although Amarao is the first to mention the Pirate King, his only information comes from rumors and he had never seen him. In the final episodeAmarao portrays Atomsk inaccurately, imagining Atomsk's appearance as a humanoid male figure with fiery red hair when he describes him to Naota. In an interview, the director clarifies that Atomsk's true form is indeed that of the bird, and Amarao's mental image was of a man because he believed that Atomsk and Haruko were lovers, which was later exposed to be false; Amarao looks very surprised when he sees Atomsk's true form.

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